Mission Statement Image 2Living Abundantly Ministries is committed to provide Christ-centered, culturally relevant programs to economically-disadvantaged children and youth that will help them grow spiritually, physically, interpersonally, and intellectually.

Ministry Goals

Spiritual growth:  Introducing the children to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Helping them understand and accept the forgiveness He offers for their sins and allowing Him to have control of their lives.  Bring opportunities for Bible study, prayer, and other means to grow spiritually.

Physical growth:  Giving children a chance to participate in physical activities to promote physical health and a healthy lifestyle.

Interpersonal growth:  Providing positive role models for children that will help them relate to others, develop stronger relationships with family and school.  Using games and other activities to teach about relationships

Intellectual growth:  Encouraging children to be better students in school and in life through educational activities, tutoring, etc.