How I Can Be Involved

We are always looking for help with the ministry. There are four main areas that we need help

Fundraising: This is mainly through helping us run our concession stand at Texas Tech athletic events and other events throughout the year. Also we need help preparing for our annual golf tournament. This would include getting sponsors, recruiting teams for the tournament, and getting items for our silent auction and to be used for door prizes

All-Star Sports Camp: We need volunteers for each activity, as well as help with registration, snacks and meals, and data entry. If you can’t be at camp, you can help us with promoting the camp on the weekends at local grocery stores, by praying, or by sponsoring children for camp

HIMpacT: We need help with our events that take place periodically during the year. We also need individuals who are willing to be teamed up with at least one other person to make regular home visits to the families that had children at sports camp, and to check on them and to pray for them.

  • Giving Options for Living Abundantly Ministries

    $5 will provide a Bible for Sports Camp

    $20 will help provide breakfasts for 1 day of Sports Camp

    $25 sponsors a child for the All Star Sports Camp

    $40 will help provide lunches for 1 day of sports camp

    $50 provides supplies for one of our HIMpacT activities

    $60 provides a case of Bibles to be given away in our programs

    $75 will help provide food for the sports camp cookout

    $100 provide an hour of rent for the All-Star Sports Camp.

  • News

    The 19th Annual All-Star Sports Camp is quickly approaching. The camp this year will be from July 15-19. "Click Here" to get information on the sports camp, to find out how you can volunteer or to register your child for camp.

    Some of you, may like to do online shopping. If that is the case, you can support Living Abundantly Ministries at the same time. "Click Here" to get information about the online shopping opportunities.

  • Upcoming Events

    There are no upcoming events.